Imori Hikaru

Fueled by coffee and fanfic.


Hello! My name is Imori and I am a 21 year old writer from the United States. I participate in a lot of various fandom events (bangs, exchanges, and zines) in my free time and drink more coffee than I probably should.

Mod Experience

2020 - 2021Haikyuu!!MatsuHana ZineOrganization, Finance, Shipping, BetaPre-Orders
2021Genshin ImpactAlbether ZineOrganization, Finance, ShippingInterest Check
2021Fire Emblem: Three HousesPerennial: A Claudeleth ZineFinanceContributor Apps
2021Yu-Gi-OhProject SakuraFinanceContributor Apps
2021Haikyuu!!AtsuKita Zine: A Certain HappinessFinance--
2021Legend of ZeldaBOTW Fairytale ZineFinanceContributor Apps

Contributor Experience

2020PromareTake the HeatWriterSleepless Nights
2020Haikyuu!!High Rise: Shiratorizawa ZineWriterThrough the Lens
2020 - 2021Haikyuu!!Blossoms Entwined: KuroKen ZineWriterAlstroemeria
2020Don't StarveDST FanZine ProjectWriterWithered Petals
2020VoltronEver After KlanceWriterA (Not So) Perfect Blend
2020VoltronPlace Ever After ZineWriterNew High Score
2020Haikyuu!!Shooting Star: Yamaguchi ZineWriterJust a Little Longer
2020 - 2021Haikyuu!!Haikyuu 8 Year Zine!Writer--
2020 - 2021Haikyuu!!KenHina ZineWriter--
2020 - 2021Haikyuu!!Guardians: Libero ZineWriter--

Miscellaneous Experience

-Degree in Business Administration with a focus on Accounting and Project Management
-Project and Finance Manager for school functions and charity events
-Secretarial and Registration experience


2020Haikyuu!!HQ Rarepair Bang 2020Going Live
2020Haikyuu!!HQ Rarepair Bang 2020Before Summer Ends
2020Haikyuu!!HQ Mini BangOur Circumstance
2020Haikyuu!!Haikyuu Olympics BangFinding the Rhythm
2020Haikyuu!!Haikyuu Olympics BangDiving In
2020Haikyuu!!Haikyuu Olympics BangEn-garde, Pret, Allez
2020Haikyuu!!Haikyuu Olympics BangIf There's a Will There's a Wave
2020Haikyuu!!Haikyuu Olympics BangOn Film
2020Haikyuu!!Haikyuu Olympics BangBatting for Gold
2020Boku no Hero Academia2020 BNHA Backup Squad bangWithin the Tavern Walls
2020Haikyuu!!HQ Cyberpunk BangInto the Night
2020Haikyuu!!HQ Polyam BangOur Missing Link
2020Haikyuu!!Gensou no KarasuWin for Me
2020VoltronPidge Angst BangAmong the Stars
2020 - 2021Haikyuu!!Haikyuu!! Urban Fantasy BangUnder the Moonlight
2020 - 2021Boku no Hero AcademiaBakugou Big Bang 2020Burning Passion
2020 - 2021Haikyuu!!Haikyuu Big Bang 2020How Not to Babysit
2020-2021Boku no Hero AcademiaSubZero (TDBK) Big BangBusiness and Pleasure
2020 - 2021Boku no Hero AcademiaKiriBaku Fantasy Bang--
2020 - 2021Daiya no AceDaiya Big Bang 2020Dice and (Baseball) Diamonds
2021Genshin ImpactGenshin Impact Big Bang--


2019Banana FishBF Secret Santa 2019Icy Moonlight
2020Haikyuu!!Oikawa Fic Exchange Spring 2020Coming Home
2020Haikyuu!!MSBY ExchangeVictory Weekend
2020Haikyuu!!Haikyuu Rarepair Exchange 2020Fifth Time's the Charm
2020Boku no Hero AcademiaBNHA Halloween ExchangeTwo in the Same
2020VoltronLangst Halloween Exchange 2020I Should've Told You
2020Haikyuu!!KuroKen Christmas Exchange 2020Under Wraps
2020Haikyuu!!Oikawa Exchange Winter 2020The Little Things
2020 - 2021Daiya no AceSofA LiteCurveball
2020 - 2021Haikyuu!!SofA LiteSoup for the Broth of Us
2020 - 2021Daiya no AceSofA LiteA Moment of Tranquility
2020 - 2021Fire Emblem: Three HousesNagamasNew Beginnings
2020 - 2021VoltronKlance Secret SantaChristmas Exchange in the Castle
2020 - 2021VoltronVoltron Secret SantaShared Blood
2020 - 2021Boku no Hero AcademiaBakuDeku Secret Santa 2020Catching Feelings
2020 - 2021Haikyuu!!SunaOsa Valentine's Exchange'Til Death Do Us Part